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Freebird Fusion with Amy

Freebird Fusion is about the body/mind connection, and fusing elements together to reach a higher level of conscious living.

There are 4 Core Aspects to Freebird Fusion. Movement, Nutrition, Mindset, and Balance.



The fitness component of Freebird Fusion has been around since the very beginning.

Freebird Fusion Fitness Training summed up in one word is functional.

Customized programs often include principles from Yoga, Pilates, and traditional strength training with weights.

Our studio also has a brand new Isawall System and lots of accessories – balls, bands, trx, etc.

If the overall well being of the whole individual is prioritized, movement can be a joy in and of itself, even when pushing yourself.

Movement should be fun, uplifting, and empowering!  



Cooking with Freebird

For many years Amy’s fusion concept, which was then called Fusion Fitness Studio, was focused primarily on fitness.

The concept of fusing together multiple approaches and modalities was always there, but in the early years of her career, Amy was also a professional fitness model.

Preparing for photo shoots, video shoots and competitions involved a fundamentalist way of eating with no pleasure taken from cooking or consuming food.

Amy appeared to be quite fit and healthy, but ultimately it was the realization that this utilitarian approach had nothing to do with nourishment that lead her to actively seek a truly holistic approach.

With the addition of Cooking with Freebird, Freebird Fusion is now a complete wellness system with daily inspiration, meditation, movement, recipes and nutrition advice tailored to the individual!



You always have a choice. It’s up to you to make your life spectacular.  Your thoughts create your beliefs, which create your reality.  Gratitude is everything, and beauty can be found everywhere.  manifesto



Everything must have balance!


profile2016b&wMore About Amy

Born and raised in Minnesota, Amy started down the path of health and wellness expertise almost 20 years ago in Colorado.

She has been a happy Southern California transplant for many years now.

Amy has endured three spine surgeries and a lot of other frustrating injuries, which help inform her approach as a trainer and educator. She has unique insight into chronic pain, pain management and the frustration of looking to conventional medicine to help solve chronic health issues.


  • Results-driven modalities
  • Practical health strategies
  • The most sophisticated equipment
  • Recipes and Nutrition Advice
  • Inspiration & proven results

and you’ve got Freebird Fusion.

Freebird Fusion has evolved over the years into a streamlined approach, yet it will always be customized to each person.  

After all, finding your fullest potential for happiness and wellbeing is a highly individual practice!


The Love PugMore about Graceee the Love Pug

Graceee the Love Pug was born in Southern California on January 3, 2015.  She is the happiest puppy around, always smiling, playful, and up for an adventure!

Graceee loves to go on daily long walks around the neighborhood to see her friends, and downtown on the weekends to meet new ones.

Her favorite toys at home are her stuffed monkeys, and she loves to play fetch!

Graceee loves frozen pumpkin and peanut butter from her Kong, and is a very aggressive little chewer.  Oh – and she’s also a sock thief!

She is a bit of a trouble-maker, but her loving and bubbly personality and those big brown eyes will keep her out of all of it… 💖


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