Hello World!!!

hello world

I won’t get into the details of my health right now…but it really has been improving over the past couple of months. I have made some significant changes, so I’m not totally surprised, but happy none the less!

I was talking to a friend of mine last week and she asked me what the turning point was for me…’THAT’S THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!’ I said…I immediately rattled off a list of answers for her…eating more raw foods, taking more vitamins, doing more alternative therapies, changing my mind about things, etc. (I will share more on these topics along the way in more detail)

And after I told her those things I spent the next week with that question lingering in the back of my mind…what WAS actually the turning point towards better days?…. Which came first? The chicken? Or the egg?…

Along with the list of things I told my friend, I think the true answer to that question is…I had to fully SURRENDER. I had to stop trying to control things,  plan things, and forget about how I thought my life was supposed to be or look like. 

And through my meditations I got this message – ‘This is it! Get going! What’s done is done – make the best of it and help others on their journey! Shine your light into the dark corners of others that they can’t see yet… This is part of your yoga now. Maybe you can’t do all the physical things you once did, but be grateful you are here and use your VOICE. Stop punishing yourself physically. Enough. There is a new path for you now. Hold the vision, and trust the process.’

I believe the mind/body connection is a VERY powerful thing. I do not believe that the mind and body are separate, even though some people may be disconnected… So for me, making the leap to use my voice on this platform is so scary but also very exciting! 

I have endured years of painful neck injurues, spine surgeries, followed by thyroid issues and then Celiac disease. All of these things taking place in the Throat Chakra…(more on this to follow)….. so it’s time to start using my voice to free myself and help others learn to spread their wings and fly!

I’ve never (in my opinion) been really great at something. You know what I mean? I’m kind of a jack of all trades, master-of-nothing kinda girl. But – I have been exposed to a lot of modalities in health and fitness! From all perspectives too – the student, the teacher, the patient, the healer… And now, the messenger!

My hope is to help educate, motivate and inspire  people to live their best and healthiest lives. 

Oh but what if I fall?…Oh my darling, what if you fly?!


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