6 Ways to Practice Self-Love


Do you know what self-love means? Do you practice it? In what ways?


1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).


My interpretation of self-love is learning to fully appreciate yourself for who you are, right now. Flaws and all.

As you learn to expand your horizons and grow as an individual, self-love generally grows too. The need to explain away short-comings and “human-ness” becomes less and less. We start to develop compassion for ourselves, which then becomes greater compassion for others. When we have love for ourselves, we can fully love others.

Self-love is a practice, much like yoga…not a competition.  It is you against yourself, essentially…so be gentle, be kind.  Instead of being against yourself, practice being FOR yourself! 😉 Be your own best friend.  After all, only YOU can truly make YOU happy.


6 ways to practice self-love:

1. Honor your body fully, it is your temple. This is ultimately your home, after all. Be mindful of what you let in – food, thoughts, relationships… you are the gate keeper. Tend wisely.

2. Speak kindly to yourself. Practice being gentle. We are generally our own worst critics, and worst enemies. We KNOW when we have “messed up”, and we never seem to let ourselves forget….the mental chatter…you know what I mean?!

Be generous with yourself, it’s ok! Praise yourself for the good! Today I accomplished THIS, and THIS! Instead of looking at what didn’t get done, or what isn’t right with your body, or whatever the situation – look on the bright side. Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life!

3. Create a ritual for yourself every day. Do things that feel good and nourish your senses. Drink tea, listen to music, stretch, workout, take a bath, use delicious smelling bath products. Unplug from TV, social media, and shower yourself with love.

Be grateful for all of the ways your body carries you through the day, your life..what a blessing. Give thanks.

4. Spend time at your happy place. Simply being in a place that makes your heart sing is one of the best ways to connect with yourself and just be, unwind. Allow yourself to let go of thinking and worries – sit quietly. Be truly present. Meditate. Read a book. Journal. Listen to music. Something just for you.

5. Find your tribe. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the fact is we all need a community of like-minded friends. Meet people that have similar interests, qualities, and passions and spend time with them.

Build relationships, find a workout buddy, start a book club, form a cooking group. Find and build your tribe. They can motivate, inspire, and ground you.

6.Explore your spirituality. It doesn’t matter what your faith is, but I think spirituality is the foundation of self-love.

Exploring new ideas, thoughts, opinions, belief systems, and getting to know yourself on a much deeper level opens your eyes and world up to being a truly open-minded, diverse, and authentic human being.

Tell me about your self-love practices!


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