2015 Year in Review…

As I sit here in reflection of 2015, I can’t help but smile.☺️ What a year this has been! I think it’s common to feel nostalgic at the end of the year, looking back at all you have experienced or achieved, and looking forward to the new year ahead, with it’s promise of a fresh start.

2015 was a pretty exciting year for me for many reasons. First, I started this blog. I admit it hasn’t been easy for me, and the path not very clear; but I am proud at the content I have produced so far, and the growth I have achieved from the process.

Graceee the Love Pug joined our family on St. Patty’s Day this year, and we have been laughing non-stop every day since. She is just too cute for words and has such a funny personality! What a divine little creature she is, and a beautiful addition to our home. 🐾

I began regular Chiropractic adjustments this year, which helped me tremendously in my pursuit of health and wellness after my last car accident and resulting spinal fusion. In my opinion those adjustments helped me go from chronic pain to occasional pain, something I never thought possible. This allowed me to kick Western Medicine to the curb, which has been incredibly freeing, and another big “win” for me this year.

My husband and I bought a house, and moved. Everybody knows how disruptive a move can be to one’s life…so that part is never fun, but this was a good move for us, and we are loving our new house and neighborhood.

And last, but certainly not least – I have been blessed with my own studio space again!! The resurrection of Fusion Fitness!! I look forward to starting 2016 off with a new project. New things to look forward to, build, achieve and create. Super exciting stuff!

My New Years resolution – Aim to be more organized, productive, and consistent.

To help me with my daily process of self improvement, I have decided to make the switch back to a paper calendar in 2016. I am hoping for a more productive and organized result. There is something to be said for actually writing things down, and the subconscious effect that has on your brain and memory.

I am re-writing my short and long-term goals, which I invite you to do as well! Studies have shown that by writing down your goals it triggers your sub-conscious mind to actually achieve them! How awesome is that?! Write that stuff down!

Tell me about some of your highlights from 2015!!

What are your plans, goals, thoughts, intentions and resolutions for 2016?!?

Wishing each and every one of you health, happiness, prosperity, love, and balance in 2016!!


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